Welcome to Our Science Workshop

Electric Science Workshop

Each session begins with a short talk from the instructor, discussing basic circuit making.

The children are then given time to get to know the equipment after which they will be called back to receive instructions on constructing and a lighting a model building.

The main part of the workshop then commences with children working in groups to develop their models. By morning break some children will have completed their designs and be working on more complex electrical circuits and building extra items for the model city.

After further instruction the children work to design and construct an exciting, illuminated, moving model city consisting of the buildings and parts created earlier and adding a transport system to the city.

At the end of the morning everyone can view and discuss the completed model city and this is a good opportunity to take photographs.

Team Building Electric House Construction Group Electrics Making Transport Systems Teamworking to make Electrical Transport Systems Children working together to complete Electric Lego Project Children town planning with Lego and Electrics Constructing a Monorail Transport System for Lego Science Project